It Often Helps to Pay Attention to the Important Things in Life

We all value our mobility. The ability to walk and run are undeniably important to us. But it’s also readily apparent that some people need to rely on their ability to walk and run more than others. This creates a somewhat worrisome situation.

The people who depend the most on their mobility are also the ones who are at the greatest risk for losing it. This might not be readily apparent at first. And this lack of awareness is often one of the single biggest dangers involved with loss of mobility. The people at greatest danger could often prevent quite a bit of it by properly understanding that they’re more at risk than the average person. Just going to a podiatrist more often would be enough to mitigate part of the risk.

The main problem is that people who put extra strain on their joints on a regular basis will quickly move to causing actual damage. Some of the earlier symptoms might be recognizable to the average person. For example, someone who puts their heart and soul into dance will usually understand that she has to push through the pain. And the same holds true of runners. Both tend to work music into their workouts as well. They work to ignore the pain. And the music helps distract them from any odd noises. And there often will be odd noises as joints degrade. A slightly damaged joint can cause tendons to catch or slide in odd ways. This tends to create a cracking noise over time. If they’re lucky they’ll notice it and seek out medical attention. But in general, the chances of this happening are fairly low.

It’s more often the case that they won’t think to seek out help until a great deal of damage has been done. It’s the painful irony of the athletic. They get so used to pushing themselves that pain becomes commonplace. And there are moments when pain is just something to get used to. After all, developing muscle really does just come down to ripping muscle tissue to grow it back in larger and stronger amounts. But ignoring pain can also lead to situations like a total ankle blowout.

Consider how someone in Portland might handle this. The area has a large concentration of dancers, joggers and trail runners. All of whom are at extra risk of blowing out their ankle. In our example we have a dancer who finally goes to the podiatrist. And she’s told that she needs to look into something like a Total Ankle Replacement Surgery portland or.

The fact that it’s available locally is a bonus. But she’s still looking at over six weeks just to get to the point where the boot and splint might come off. The next stage will involve physical therapy. This will push her through fairly minor movement exercises all the way to walking and hopefully even running again.

It’s obviously far better to seek medical attention before it gets to this point. But at the same time, it’s amazing to think that options like this even exist for her. She might well find that what would have otherwise been the loss of her greatest joy can be avoided.