Get to Know Your Options to Getting Straighter and Healthier Teeth

Numerous studies and surveys have shown people are attracted to straight and healthy-looking teeth. The art behind having straight teeth is proper alignment. This can be credited to the healthy eruption of teeth during childhood.

When your gums are healthy, the permanent teeth residing in them erupt into the slots that are held into place by temporary or baby teeth. This mechanism ensures the teeth preserve the natural alignment formed during infancy. However, when the gums and teeth are kept in poor health, they can lead to tooth decay. When baby teeth are lost prematurely, they can no longer serve as placeholders, which disrupts the alignment. This affects the permanent teeth as they are no longer guided to grow in the right direction. However, with advancements made in the field of dentistry, you can get straight teeth no matter what your past conditions have been like.

Many orthodontists who specialize in braces joliet il recommends getting braces to restore confidence by providing you with a flawless smile. Having an attractive smile does wonders to your confidence levels and rightly so. Orthodontic treatments have provided solution for crooked, crowded and missing teeth since over a while now. Braces treat a variety of tooth conditions such as overbites or underbites, incorrect jaw position and other disorders related to the teeth, jaw, and gums.

Patients usually display signs of orthodontic problems from an early age, perhaps soon after their permanent teeth have assumed their places in the gums. An ideal time for getting braces installed is between the ages of 10 and 14. During this phase, the head and mouth are still growing, and teeth are more prone to straightening. This doesn’t mean braces are only for kids. More and more adults opt for braces and it is a fulfilling treatment for patients of any age. Braces can correct minor to very complex problems. Millions of patients undergo this treatment on a yearly basis.

What Kind of Braces Will I Have to Wear?

You may be overwhelmed by the numerous options available to you in terms which braces you’d want to go for. But you don’t have to worry about this as your dentist will know what appliance is best you. Your dentist will determine the course of treatment, including the types that most suited to your particular problem. However, you still have some choices to make. Generally, braces come in three varieties:

– Brackets
– Metal
– Ceramic
– Plastic

The first three are bonded to teeth with glue or other substances. Ceramic brackets are braces that match the color your teeth or are transparent. These intend to give an invisible appliance look. Concealed braces attach to the back of the teeth to be less noticeable. There are also removable braces. This kind of braces come in the form of a tray that is clear, customized and called aligners. These are different from the traditional bracket braces which use a wire to control the movement of the teeth. You also wear each aligner for a short period of time before they’re replaced by new ones. These are removable trays that you can take out whenever you want. Aligners are basically for patients with least corrective issues.