3 Effective Ways to Handle Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are an awful experience no matter who you are. If you gave 100 people the choice between passing one of these things and getting punched in the face, it’s a safe bet that most if not all would pick the latter. Instead of suffering through this excruciating pain, here are three effective ways to handle kidney stones in ways that either help reduce their size or stop them from forming in the first place.

1. Proper Hydration

One of th easiest means of stopping sediment buildup inside your kidneys is by hydrating yourself well. Frequently flushing the kidneys with water improves their ability to filter and keeps them working right, not to mention all the general benefits to your body. Drinks with high acetic acid such as apple cider vinegar or basil teas are also good for breaking down kidney stones, so consuming these when a stone is forming is helpful in eliminating it.

2. Roller Coasters

While this might sound far fetched, there is actual medical research that indicates riding roller coasters of sufficient speed with significant drops can help to break up and hasten the passage of kidney stones from the body. Undoubtedly the most fun remedy on this list, you can now decisively say that going to the amusement part is a necessary step in your recovery from an ailment.

3. Laser Lithotripsy

Depending on how large and painful your kidney stones are, there might come a time when your only feasible option is to have a professional do the job for you. This comes in the form of laser lithotripsy, or laser fragmentation, which is a process using lasers to cut apart kidney stones inside the body until they are at a more manageable and easily passable size. Given the nature of this procedure, it’s likely not going to be your first option, but if all else fails it is one you may wish to pursue.

Kidney stones really suck, so try out these three strategies for dealing with them to make things a bit less of a pain.