Alta White

Alta White (Teeth Whiten Tips) is a patented system which gears on providing you whiter teeth in as early as six days.  It is a two-step technique which makes use of a swab for easy application of the solution to your teeth.  The solution is in powder form which is responsible for scrubbing away the stains that had formed on the teeth.  After using this product, you will even be left with a minty fresh breath.

Product Details

As mentioned awhile back, Alta White is composed of two steps in its patented system.  Each step has its own role to play to help you get the results you want for cleaner, brighter and whiter teeth.  Take a look at the following facts:

•    Swabs.  The complete kit contains swabs which act as applicators for the product to get into its real work.  The entire Teeth Whiten Tips Kit contains 24 swabs good for six days.  Each swab is filled with a liquid formulation which works well with the powder.  Use a separate swab for each upper and lower portion of the teeth during application.  The solution contains glycerin, water, methylparaben, propylparaben, peppermint flavor and FD & C Blue 1.

•    Powder.  The powder in Alta White is placed in a jar.  It is blended with ingredients that help the teeth become whiter (Magnesium) and more polished (Aluminum Trihydroxide).   It is responsible for removing stains on the teeth in a safe yet very effective manner.

These two components work well together with a process that you need to follow.  Make sure that the applicator or swab tips are dampened by the liquid solution by snapping the side where a blue-colored ring is found.  After which, dip it into the powder solution and apply it on the upper teeth.  Do the same thing with the lower teeth.

The Good

Using Alta White result to the following advantages:

•    Guaranteed results in as early as 6 days.
•    The procedure is easy and is done in only a few seconds.
•    It does not merely whiten the teeth, it also whitens it.
•    Eliminates the use of trays and strips.
•    It also works on plaque.
•    No need for dentist visits.

The Bad

This product posts a warning for people who have sensitivity to its ingredients.  It should not be used if you have wounds or serious burns as this may cause pain, swelling, redness and irritation.

The Bottom Line

If you want to get whiter teeth in as early as 6 days, you may take your chances on Alta White.  A good hint on the use of this product involves the use of a wet toothbrush after making use of the swabs.  Gently brush the upper and the lower teeth after the solution is applied to ensure removal of dirt, stains and plaque.  Rinse with water afterwards.

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